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Broadview and Grenfell -

Greg Dowd

Constable Greg Dowd has been with the RCMP for two years. He grew up in Manitoba, and moved from Winnipeg to train for the RCMP in Regina.
Dowd's father was a member of the RCMP for 21 years, so from very early on, he had a pretty good idea of what it would entail. "I grew up in the lifestyle, knew what it was about, figured it was something I could do well," Dowd said.
One thing he enjoys about the job is the small-town atmosphere, in which he feels the RCMP is really appreciated for what they do.
"The whole area's very pro-police - the towns, including the reserves. You give people a wave, and they wave back. You see people, you can talk to them and no one's ever giving you a scowl."
He appreciates the fact that even the less popular duties are usually relatively well-received by Broadview and area residents.
"Even if you write tickets - no one likes to do that but someone's got to do it - usually people understand why you're doing it."
One of the major challenges associated with being a member of the RCMP is that it's anything but a nine to five job.
"A lot of people, with their jobs, when they're done at the end of the day they go home and they start again the next day, but for the police, stuff will continue. There's always ongoing investigations, and you're rarely out of the office on time. Your eight hour shifts, on average, are ten to 12-hour shifts."
He also feels, however, that the end results make up for the hard work.
"After you're done with a concluded investigation and they're thanking you and they're happy with what you did, it makes it all worthwhile.

Michael Mitchell

Constable Michael Mitchell has been with RCMP since November 5, 2009.
Mitchell grew up in Winnipeg, and worked as a paramedic prior to his RCMP career. After a year-and-a-half as a paramedic, he decided he needed a job that would enable him to become more directly involved with his community.
"I really just wanted to be able to give back to my community and as an officer, we not only respond, we give back to the community with community events. So it's something that I was very interested in."
In the short time he's been with the Broadview RCMP, Mitchell has had several opportunities to enjoy some of the more light-hearted aspects of the job, including a volleyball tournament against students in the area.
"It's good - it gives them a chance to show us that they're better than us," he laughed.
Aside from the competitive aspect, Mitchell feels that these events are an important way to show people that the RCMP are a part of the community.
"We're not just the people who respond to the 911 calls, we're also regular members of the community. We like to enjoy community events as well. Some people just see the armor and the pistol and they think that's all we're for, but we definitely like giving back to the community as well. It's good to show our presence without our intimidating uniform."
Although he's only been with the RCMP for a short time, the detachment and the community have already impressed him.
"We've got a great group of individuals who work here. We try and work hand in hand with the community. It's a great detachment and a great community from what I've seen so far."

Reg Kraeker

Constable Reg Kraeker has been with the Broadview RCMP, which is his first posting, for about two years.
When he was 18 years old, Kraeker had considered joining the air force, but decided against it in the end.
"I thought maybe I should go see the country first, do some travelling. So I did that, and I ended up driving a truck for almost ten years."
Then he says the RCMP job just kind of fell into his lap.
"It just seemed to work out, and it's been a great job. Just being out on the move, working with the community and talking with people - just being involved."
He says that dealing with people is one of the perks of the job, but also presents its challenges.
"That and solving the crimes. Sometimes people co-operate, and sometimes they don't," Kraeker said.
He tries not to dwell on the dangerous side of the job, which is inevitable in the RCMP.
"There have been a few that get your adrenaline going. But you know, at the end of the day you're just in the mind-set that you're going to go home. You do what you need to do, and you don't think of it at the time.
"Overall, it's been a good experience."

Amos McArthur

Constable Amos McArthur has been with the RCMP for over eight years, and with the Broadview detachment for just over four.
McArthur first realized what he wanted to do for a living when he had the chance to play hockey with some local RCMP members as a teen.
"Just the respect that they got from within the community - I felt I wanted that," he said.
He has enjoyed getting to know the young people in the community through various events, including a recent floor hockey game against grades one through nine, ski trips and canoe trips with local schools.
He says the kids are usually reserved at first, but it doesn't take them long to warm up.
"They're kind of shy at first, but once I start talking, they seem to open up and get cheeky back."
One aspect that McArthur enjoys about being a member of the RCMP is the unpredicable nature of his job.
"You never know what you're going to deal with. One day might be different from another day."

Alethea Demarais

Constable Alethea Demarais has been with the Broadview RCMP since March of 2007. She was first inspired by her mother, who was an RCMP member in Kamsack in the mid-'70s, as well as the RCMP in Loon Lake, where Demarais grew up.
"I've always looked at the RCMP there as role models, so it's kind of what I always wanted to do," she recalled.
The job has turned out pretty much as she expected, with one added challenge.
"Being far from home - they're eight hours away - it is pretty tough," she said.
The best part of the job for her has been getting involved with the people in and around the Town of Broadview.
"I like helping people, and being within the community is a big part," Demarais said.
She also relishes the way young people see her and the RCMP as a role model, much as she did when she was young.
"Not only here, but back home," she said. "They look up to me and ask me different questions and I try to get them interested as much as I can."

Michael Shortland

Constable Michael Shortland has been with the RCMP for over 5 1/2 years, but is brand new to the Broadview detachment. He recently transferred from Melville, which was his first posting.
Shortland has only been in Broadview for a short while, but so far his impressions have been positive.
"I like it so far - I'm enjoying it."
The biggest challenge for him as an RCMP member has been enforcing the law while maintaining good relationships with residents.
"Just being the mediator, and trying to keep everyone happy as best you can."
In spite of the challenges, he doesn't have any regrets about his career choice.
"It's a good job - exciting. Lots of paper work, but you get to meet a lot of people."

Dean Bridle

Staff Sergeant Dean Bridle has been with the RCMP for 13 years, and in Broadview for about 11 months.
He has worked as a member of several detachments in the past, including La Ronge, Lloydminster and Pelican Narrows.
He also worked in headquarters in Regina for 2 1/2 years, where he took on an administrative role.
"It was quite a bit different there - lots of paper work, lots of travelling, lots of meetings."
He is happy that his move to Broadview has enabled him to continue doing what he enjoys doing.
"It's been challenging and fun so far," he said. "It's really good to be back in operational policing, and dealing and interacting with people again. The main thing is just trying to make a difference and help people."
Bridle first became interested in the law enforcement after becoming acquainted with his parents' RCMP friends.
"I think that sort of lifestyle and a lot of those people rubbed off on me, and it's something that I've wanted to do for a long time," he said.
Bridle feels that recruitment is one of the toughest and most significant challenges facing the RCMP today.
"We're an organization that is getting a little long in the tooth, and we are going to be losing a lot of our senior members, probably in the next five years even," he explained. "So we're really needing to attract and retain our employees. So recruiting is a real primary objective right now."
One aspect of the RCMP that he enjoys the most is the unpredictable nature of the job.
"No two days are alike in this outfit. You never know what's going to be on your plate that day when you get up, so it's really exciting."

John Ermel

Corporal John Ermel has been with the RCMP for nine years, and with the Broadview detachment for roughly eight months. He worked in Tisdale and Swift Current prior to transferring to Broadview.
Ermel says he can't recall ever wanting to do anything else for a living.
"It's just something that I've always wanted to do. I grew up in a small town, so the RCMP seemed to be the right choice over the city places."
The aspect of the job that he appreciates the most is that as a member of the RCMP, you never know exactly what you're going to get.
"The diversity - it's ever-changing. That's pretty big for me. This job covers everything that I like about what I can do."
The biggest advantage of the job also presents the greatest challenges.
"With the diversity comes the diversity of dealing with different people - different views, thinking, expectations of the force and us as police officers. I think the biggest challenge is being everything for everybody." Although he hasn't yet had a chance to get as involved in the community of Broadview as he would like, he is hoping to have that opportunity in the future.
"Getting to know the community and doing things outside of arresting the bad guy and putting him in jail - those other aspects of the job that I enjoy."
He feels being a member of the RCMP is quite challenging, but insists he would never do it if the pros didn't far outweigh the cons.
"It's just a great job, a great career."

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